Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vendor Hosted Tastings

After a long day's work, I was surprised by two packages from China.  A few weeks ago, Hobbes kindly asked if I wanted to be included in two vendor tastings of 2013 cakes.  I agonized for a few days in South Africa whether to tempt myself with such young sheng. But tea greed totally got the better of me as I had planned to throw tea parties and share with worthy and deserving friends.  As I sniff the new sweet sheng from Douji, a few of the chunks are intoxicating beyond belief. These are blind tastings which make it all the more interesting- can the other esteemed drinkers hone in on the region?

The second box are Scott's new productions. I want to open the impossibly shiny packets tonight so I can overdose on tea fragrance. But I must restrain myself until a party can be arranged.  Thanks to both Scott and Jerry for their generosity and risk-taking. 


  1. Gosh, you must live in an area with good postal service to receive them so rapidly!

    I look forward to finding out their identities, too (and receiving some samples!). :)



  2. Dear Hobbes,

    This is one advantage of living on the Pacific Rim. I'll brew up the most fragrant chunks today. Thank you for including me although I must have been the least recent tea correspondent. You might be getting more random e-mails from various tea persons from now on.


  3. I just opened up my two packages last weekend and have been slowly making my way through the pile of samples! I will keep checking back to see the notes everyone makes