Welcome to a rather cosy spot for tea discussion.  I am Hster - your tea and pork loving host.   The general term "Tea" in "Tea Closet" is a bit misleading as I am mostly a pu-erh drinker.  If you are not yet acquainted with this mysterious and mind bending beverage,  I may just send you straight on to the wiki for introductory learning. But true learning of course can only be done with actual quaffing.

My blog is intended for general entertainment and is not meant as a buying guide for pu-erh.  Although I write copiously about sheng/raw pu-erh, I suffer a sheng handicap and cannot drink much of it.  My condition is not uncommon as the astringency in sheng tends to bother the elderly and those with sensitive stomachs.

I am grumpy on occasion when encountering bad tea or bad vendors but I try to redeem myself with some humor.  All suggestions and complaints when not publicly commented can be more discreetly forwarded to (hster.investigates at gmail.com).  Enjoy!


  1. Hi, would you mind elaborating on how you fixed the plastic quality of the Hario's water? You mentioned baking soda, hot water, and lots of time--I think I know what you did, but I'd really really appreciate more of an explanation! Thanks! Will

    1. Hi William, Sorry this reply is so late. I removed and dunked the plastic cap on top of heating element in baking soda for many days. It still isn't great even after many years. I am thinking of asking my husband to mill me a stainless steel version.