Friday, August 14, 2020

Off the Curb Nilgiri Shiva: Opening the 3rd Eye

Knowing how much I enjoy a good cup of Nilgiri, my husband picked this perfectly good bag of Nilgiri tea off a free box on the curb in front of the bougie brick lofts facing his workshop. Why anyone would throw away a perfectly good bag of tea? I sniffed and it smelled fragrant and most assuredly tealike. I looked it up on the internet and this tea boasted "Appropriate for opening the third eye".

Who would throw away such a bag?

What else to do but brew up a tea with such a lofty claim. I've only taken lemons off free boxes on curbs but there's nothing like adding some excitement to your tea session. It wasn't a suspicious baggy of illicit substances for which purity cannot be guaranteed. It was most definitely 99% tea with some twigs. My suspicion would be that it be weak and stale.  This Nilgiri was packed 3/27/20 but definitely last year's tea.  

The tea brews up definitely more refined than grocery store bulk tea and sometimes  you need  a weakass and mild tea to just barely prop up an afternoon. For the retail price of $7 per ounce, it definitely would have been a disappointment but who buys teas at that price without knowing the tea estate or proper tea leaf grade?  I'm assuming something not too much above FOP. 

Still for free, I'm happy as a clam. The original owner barely cracked into the bag which is more than full so it was rejected early.  Friends, there is nothing wrong with weak teas as they have their time and place. The problem with the single estate teas is that they are way too potent leaving me wide eyed until 2am.  So weak teas are welcome. 

Yes the third eye is definitely all marketing drivel.   

 (I've gone from tea hoarding to digital game hoarding which definitely is easier on the wallet and household clutter.)