Saturday, February 08, 2020

Easier Paths to Imbibing Pleasure Than Aged Sheng

For my husband's birthday, I nicked off a few chips off my airport/turnpike municipal fund earnings to treat him to the peaty end of scotches. Even with each bottle being had for so much less than a quality newborn beeng and a fraction of aged beengs, I hate to say these scotches beat the pants off any aged sheng I have including LBZs. You are hit over the head with the obvious depth, complexity, deliciousness, golden mouthfeel in 3 seconds or less.  (My beengs feel sad...)

Aged sheng not scotch in the glass
These peaty scotches from Islay and Skye all have their unique charms and the Ardbeg Uigeadail was the most memorable for me as you can taste the glowing embers of a large stone fireplace deep in the recesses of a dark mysterious castle.  All these esp. the Talisker takes you straight to Skellige. (Solly, Witcher refrence.)

But the key is that you don't have to think much at all unlike a sheng tasting, these examples of intense liquid gold goes straight to your pleasure centers. Journey of a puerh lover has many struggles and I've fallen off the path many a times.

I work hard, many late nights to install boob physics and bikini armor for this Skryim video. Please enjoy.