Monday, October 14, 2019

Burnt Barley Chocolate

Chocolate bars to welcome autumn
I recently took a trip back to the East Coast. I always bring back a few chocolate bars for loved ones and came across this unique Icelandic concoction of cocoa butter and burnt barley. There isn't any cocoa in it similar to white chocolate. I brought this bar for my father as I love to have him taste new things even if it's a marriage of two familiar flavors.    
Although my rule is to never let the wrapper seduce me,  I have to confess I totally fell for the stylish geometric design of ravens.  As my favorite poem is Wallace Steven's Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackird, I was instantly smitten.  omNom Chocolates is a small batch bean to bar maker out of Reykjavík and they tend to specialize in slightly sweeter bars(milk to 73%) than I normally get. The risk was small, the potential pleasure medium to high.
My mother told me the tastes were very reminiscent of roasted barley tea and we enjoyed the novelty of the roasty malty flavors of this pitch black bar. The extra blackness is from activated charcoal which doesn't add to the flavor.  The tastes were comfortingly amiable with the extra crunch of the barley grains providing some more fun in the mouth. It's definitely a pleasing bar to share at a small dinner party.