Monday, June 29, 2020

a New Husband-made Tea Shelf

 I hope you dear reader are faring well and looking forward to physically commingling with beloved friends and family once again.  By the gods, is June already passing by.  It seems an eternity ago that I was laughing and dining on tasty weiners and fried apples in Vienna, sitting elbow to elbow with friends and strangers.  After months of home isolation, I wonder when I will ever share a bowl of tasty Guilin noodles in Chinatown with friends again. I've been boiling up lamb necks with noodles to serve with home made pickles but it's so not same. But I sit with my lone cup of tea with hopes of normalcy.

What is at the other end of this shelf? You will never guess...
Last week, my sweet husband built me two shelves out of 2 inch thick teak.
One is above my desk to to protect teacups and devices from the utter mess of cords. Now I will never have to wipe milky tea from a tangle of cords again. Although my hoarding habit makes me want to fill this shelf full of tea boxes, I've thus far resisted the urge and have kept it free only for immediate tea. And at least having one clear surface gives my cluttered mind a resting place.

But there is something special about having a space no matter how small reserved just for your tea service.  I had some plans or fantasies rather of building a tiny tea hut on my tiny plot of land, but one has to start small.   And even this one shelf end brings me daily joy.

When bloggers present their tea sessions, one rarely sees the surrounding clutter.  Although I have a feeling Matt and MarshalN are vastly more tidy than I am.  For me, keeping clean surfaces is a daily losing battle so this one shelf is symbolic.

On the gaming front, I've been enjoying the gorgeous artistry and heart rending narrative of Gris, a platformer from Spanish indie Nomada Studios. It's on steam summer sale and for those whose eyes crave a more stylized beauty, this would be one of the standout titles in all gaming. Stay safe everybody.