Wrapper Cheatsheet

I just wanted these terms to be as crammed into a compact format with the chinese characters blown up so I can do a quick visual match. The terms I harvested from wikipediababelcarp and pu-erh.net.

普洱茶 puerh tea   生 Sheng/raw   Shu/shou/ripe

Leaf Source
古树  gŭshù/old tree
树 laoshù/old tree
野生  yěshēng/wild         
野放  yěfàng/wild arbor 
乔木 qiáomù/tall tree
大 叶/大葉 dayi/big leaf 
(plantation: guànmù- 灌木
taídì- 台地  actually no tea 
proudly labels this...)

(七 子) 餅茶/饼茶 (chitse) beeng cha/ (7 sons) tea cake
沱茶 tuocha/bowl
緊茶/紧茶 jincha/mushroom
磚茶 zhuancha/brick
方茶 fangcha/square
金瓜 jingua/melon

 chun/spring       gu hua/autumn flush     秋天 autumn

雲 南/云 南 Yunnan
六大茶山  Liu Da Cha Shan/6 Famous Tea Mountains

自治县 / 自治縣
county or district
大 理 Dali

德 宏 Dehong 

臨 滄/临 沧
鳳 慶/凤 庆 Fengqing
双江/ 雙江
勐库/ 勐庫 / 猛庫 Mengku
    冰岛/冰島 Bing Dao
思 茅 Simao
 哀 牢山 Ailuo
无 量山 /無量山 Wuliang

景 穀/景 谷 Jinggu town

瀾 滄/澜  
 邦崴山 Bāngwei
景 迈  Jingmai 
西雙 版納
 西双 版纳
勐 海/ 猛 海
 巴 达山  Bada
 布 朗 /布 郎  Bulang
     老班章 Lao Bānzhāng/ Old Banzhang
班盆 Banpen village

      新班章  Xin/New Banzhang
南糯 Nánnuò
贺开 /賀開 Hekai

慢撤 Mansa 

勐帕沙山 Meng Pashashan
勐宋 Mengsong 
    那卡山 / 纳卡山 / 納卡山 Nakashan
勐腊 / 勐臘
易武 Yìwǔ
     刮风寨 / 颳風寨  
Gua Feng Zhai

革登 Gedeng  莽枝 Mangzhi  
蠻磚/蛮砖 Manzhuan   倚邦 Yibang
Jing Hong
攸樂山 Yōulè

Factory Terms (TBD)

下关 Xia Guan
飛 台/飞台 Feitai FT

  • 极品/極品 Jipin = highest grade
  • 珍品/ 真品  Zhenpin = precious grade
  • 精品 Jingpin = fine grade
  • 正品 Zhengpin = authentic grade
Other Tea

 zĭjuān/purple lady/purple beauty 


  1. Dear Friend,

    what you have posted as "精 品 -Xi Kong " is read as "Jing Pin":

    精 - Jing means it's quality is of superlative quality where it has reached the status of utmost purity, or what the English would have used in the very proper sense of the word "exquisiteness"... it is representative of the essential qualities, or indicative of the spiritual essence of the very thing itself.

    品 - P'in means 'an item, and not merely to be classified as a 'thing'. P'in is an object that is worthy of collection and used as an illustrative specimen of the unique qualities of what that item represents. the titular item, so to speak.

    like the term V.S.O.P... or FTGFOP in tea leaf grade designation, it is also a term often abused to raise the perceived and often, eye value, of the tea Beeng, as they are wrapped not in the most transparent fashion... no pun intended.

    hope it helps.

    1. Dear Balder-ghast,

      Thank you for pointing out the error. I added a grades section for Jipin/Zhenpin/Zhengpin as well.