Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Endless Pots of Rooibos

Although the raging fire has been put out, I have a week to remain with the client in South Africa to promote good-will.  With the fear of reverting my sleep schedule, I been forcing myself to have only rooibos tea. Rooibus or honeybush is the national alternative brimming with health benefits. I don't fancy the spicy earthy taste which probably is the closest tisane to puerh on the flavor wheel. But when your mind is jammed, the palate can go numb.

The joy of working in my particular industry is seeing serious machinery operate. Apparently in Africa, tired drivers taking a snooze under quay cranes and getting squished is an occurrence. The first night I was here, a truck ran into a train but it's been almost five days here without a DI (deadly incident).

I had been mad the original perpetrators of this havoc remained behind back at HQ but it was such a huge huge relief to see normal operations restored on my third day that I'm glad the customer sent me an s.o.s. and dusted me out of retirement. I'd almost forgotten the exquisite thrill of getting an actual physical system running smoothly.  Running an entire maritime terminal takes a tremendous amount of code to handle logistics, automation and optimization.  Alas humans even the best engineers are not designed to behold the complexity of such distributed systems. 

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