Sunday, June 09, 2013

Dubai Layover Tea

My Durban adventures have now come to a close.  A hobbit needs habit and being flung in a far  corner of the world induces a torrential homesickness for which only going home can cure. 

Dubai is the easiest transit between South Africa and California.  About 26 hours is really the best you can do. Once I made the mistake of taking a four legged journey and was stuck in the airport/airplane pipeline for 46 hours.  I missed the last connection at JFK due to an overzealous on-board security check in Dakar where they send Senegalese agents to probe almost every nook and cranny of the cabin while we held all our on-board luggage in our arms. They barked out orders to the passengers and eyed us most suspiciously. My friends- never transit on a flight which has an on board stopover in Dakar. If the traumatic security check was not bad enough, they also fumigate the cabin. Also you may have special luck to be seated next to a garrulous person with dental hygiene so decrepit, you might faint when they crack open even a smile. Actually the male flight attendant giggled when I explained the uncomfortable situation and immediately rescued me. 

I've flowed through Dubai a few too many times but when I do, I usually stop at the French bakery.  Paul's which is a little better than your usual airport fare- serves cheerfully good almond croissants. While languishing on Emirates gluten free in-flight meals which are a cut above dreadful and knowing such a bakery is only trouble for my belly, I promptly ordered a trayful. 

I jealously watched this little fellow snoozing so comfortably while munching dolefully on all the wrong foods.  Nothing- nothing- on this tray was a good idea including the chopped up gunpowder tea in a plastic mesh bag.  BioTea is outright abusing the gunpowder designation - no sign of rolling anywhere. It's much easier to get good black tea in a bag than it is to get green tea. While sipping this subpar specimen,  I promptly mental made a list of teas I'm going to drink when I get back.

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  1. I was at the same Coffee Shop a month ago during a 10 hr layover.