Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tea at an Obligatory Conference

The tea situation is far worse at my first conference than I expected and hot water is only available in the afternoon after my badge is scanned in.  This is at a $1995 four day conference- you can only imagine the quality tea one could purchase for this amount but I can't exactly convince my company that such funds are better spent on aged oolong.

If you snooze in public- you are fair game for a prankster like me. To be fair, these sessions were not all that compelling and probably the sleepers spent their time wisely.  I drank double bagged insipid Earl Grey. Tomorrow I'll go for triple bagged.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Why don't you bring tea with you?

    1. Nick,

      The hot water provided at conferences are never hot enough to brew a decent cup. The situation is such that bagged tea is the most convenient solution and I never bother spending money on quality bagged tea.

      However I do bring chocolate bars, almonds, beef jerky, dried cherries and such.


    2. Isn't there just a big container of hot water which you pour the (terrible-quality provided) water in? That's what I'm used to seeing at such events. Can't you just carry some leaf in a cup or thermos you bring and just grandpa it? Or buy some of the empty tea bags and stuff your own!

    3. You're lucky if that water doesn't taste like coffee