Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Consolidated Blogger Comments Tea Crank

In the name of saving a few mouse clicks, I've consolidated the recent comments feed of the blogs I read here on Tea Crank.

You can potentially use an RSS reader like Google Reader and while they are good for browsing full posts, they are not that convenient for comments reading.  I  also thought I would provide this brutally simple page for those technologically uninclined. Even though I have a handful of RSS readers on my tablet and on the desktop -  it's just not convenient to read all comments in one simple page with one swipe. Also when browsing with a mobile device- it takes a lot to bandwidth to download the main site just to look at a few comments.

Comments are where most of the action is these days as new posts don't come as often as one wishes.  Also some blog sites don't provide recent comments so I'm forcing them to have one here.

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