Thursday, October 25, 2012


It's for real.  With such promises such as "Increases intestinal fortitude", who doesn't want a canister of small batch artisan-grade Negativitea. I took a screenshot in case their business doesn't pan out since they only sell one green tea.

My husband and I were trying to come up with the most groan worthy tea puns during dinner and almost all of them are actually taken. We lack of imagination I guess.

Not Taken Yet!  
  • Tea-kwondo - with Cha Ninja, Cha Kungfu, Cha Samurai on the scene, better act now to grab almost the last available martial arts e-name. Kara-tea just sounds like a lady who likes tea. 
  • NeferTeaTea - There must be an egyptologist or a mummy nut out there who is also a tea lover.
  • Wet tea-shirt - Random and racy! (Or Titteas... clearly attributable to my husband. )
  • Positivetea - obviously to balance out the force of Negativitea. They really missed their chance to push a Rasta theme.
  • Nuditea - of course it's taken but only in tumblr. I wonder if you can get by the censors on teachat with this name. Someone needs to sex that site up a bit. It's just all tea tea tea...
  • R2Tea2 - Star War fans are everywhere...
Okay okay, back to negativitea-  I've been quite grumpy lately at work for all sorts of reasons. This here HLF "Italian Design" espresso dispenser has forced me to drink dianhong all month.  The temperature goes barely above 160F and so even really good shu comes out tasting disgusting.  All the snooty coffee drinkers have rejected it as it makes insipid espresso as well. I'm gonna do something about this sad situation this weekend or else! (Does anyone have a Hario Buono Power Kettle? Do I dare buy something with out a single Amazon review...)


  1. I suffer regularly from irritabilitea, especially with the tepid water dribbled by our office water cooler.

    1. I don't get it, there's a very easy solution to this..bring in your own electric kettle..costs like $20. That's what I do.

    2. Yeah, an electric kettle is on the way. I'm new to this job and haven't had the time to arrange a satisfactory set-up. Plus, I just wanted to use the word irritabilitea.

  2. Kara-tea: more like a porn star who likes tea...

    1. Hmmm. Hector- it would appear that you are definitely not a "connoisseur" of the genre or at least of the American variety. Kara-tea is simply not suggestive enough.


    2. It would be more like "Tea-Lily."

    3. Well, no one for sure has thought of chasti-tea...