Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chinatown Sightings

 "We move through the world in a narrow groove, preoccupied with the petty things we see and hear, brooding over our prejudices, passing by the joys of life without even knowing that we have missed anything. Never for a moment do we taste the heady wine of freedom. "
This oft cited quote from Yang Chu, a philosopher dating to the 4th century BC, struck me on the head fifteen years ago. To think such wisdom was uttered two millenia ago.  I'm wise enough to observe that knowledge rarely equals action, but I like to think I'm freed from my shackles now and then.
This morning I walked along a street at a time I normally don't and was richly rewarded with the sight of a Chinatown pork delivery. And as if that was not treat enough, I also spotted the live fish delivery truck for which I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of the fishmongers netting flopping fish into a gray plastic trash-can.  Truly I was at the right place at the right time this morning!

For Chinatown regulars, this is probably just another day in the market. But I've also been walking these blocks every week for over ten years without such sitings. Once I saw a piglet in the back of a station wagon. Even in the narrow grooves of my own life, I've been missing out it seems. What else am I missing?

Is it possible that there is something as fantastic as tea drinking that I'm just not aware of.  I'm constantly on the prowl, but I also want to leave myself something for in my old age.

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