Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Month No-Buy Pact

Wilson of the ever-cheerful Travelling Teapot has been ever-so gently trying to convince me that I need not buy so many teas. Ha! My husband has been trying for years without much success.  Wilson has four lovely daughters so he must have developed some extraordinary powers of persuasion.   Somehow his advice has wiggled into my psyche until I thought I had conceived of this sensible notion all by myself.  Probably publicly announcing that one won't buy any more tea for oneself for even two months (from the normal internet) is just setting yourself up for failure.  I've been tempted all week. Oh how sorely I have been tested.

Making such a pact is quite lonely and very hard to keep solo.  I've convinced someone else who shall remain nameless to join me.  I know quite a few people who could do with a respite. But I don't want anyone to blame me for missing out on the pu love of their life.

Vendors don't hate me...

Anyway it's quite clear as day to me that after buying 48 beengs this summer (to say nothing of the numerous bags of samples),  I really need to seriously start assessing these new teas and really understand where my true preferences lie. It doesn't seem real at all that I bought 48 beengs- some of them minis- only because I really don't feel passionate about any one of them.  Some of them are quite nice but not stellar and definitely not better than my old 06 collection. I cry because I spent under $2000 to figure this out.

Trading is a fantastic way to try more teas without triggering the hoarding impulse.  This tight little bundle arrived in the mail today from Wilson packed with Singaporean efficiency and precision. It was even shrink wrapped - my husband joked that by law all Singaporean households must own a shrink wrapper.  Each tea was double bagged and so perfectly fitted into this tin box that I actually could not figure out how to get them all back in.  I'll be beach camping for a few days and Wilson was prescient enough to include a TaeTae teabag.  I've no wi-fi access and I have to resort to looking at the Pacific ocean instead of hunting for tea on the internet which is my usual diversion.  Detox!

(But but- I really need to buy a gaiwan and a few teapots as I broke my favorite teapot last month and I've been limping along with toy teapots.  So this no-buy is for tea not teaware. But it's such a shame not to include a small packet of tea when the vendor I want to buy from carries so many teas. Slap slap slap! Just one more shipment, just one more... )


  1. That's some expensive cakes you're buying there, if you spent 2000 to buy 48 cakes, that averages to 40 a cake. What did you buy!?

    1. Nothing to merit your interest MarshalN. Ugh. Even admitting that makes me sad.

      I spent more than $200 on shipping. I spent a fair chunk on samples, other teas, and a series of glass teapots I gave away. Probably the beengs alone cost $1000. $187 at puerhshop... It somehow adds up. But I've snapped out of such indiscriminate buying.

    2. You must thank the gods you don't have direct access to Taobao then.

  2. Hster,

    I think I understand well the tea-fever you have been in. Much luck with your pact. You can do it!


  3. I know what you mean! Not knowing which one you'll like! I agree, you can do it!