Monday, September 10, 2012

Midnight Shots of the 05 CGHT

Last Sunday night I had every intention of tucking into bed at ten in preparation for the coming Monday work day, yet I found myself curiously hunched over my desk attempting microphotography of the corked 2005 CGHT way past midnight under the worst of lighting conditions.  

Ira had written to let me know she retasted her beeng side by side with a piece of MarshalN's sample I had given her. She found her beeng even after initial airing to be still "really gross". Can I visually detect this "gross" flavor with a $3.50 microscope? MarshalN said I should see spores or "little plants" if there is mold (not a definitive indicator for grossness).  I might simply need a higher power microscope than this budget 40x. 

Actually, this late at night- it's just mesmerizing peeping in on tea leaves and I'm really taking portraiture. These are just another alternative to the beeng and leaf shot and I will need a good repository of such photos to even gather patterns.  For now, I'm just  trying to get the weirdest furriest shots possible. The bottom right looks like a worn out footpad of a bear.   

A casual blogger like me is faced with a choice- write more frequently compromising quality or produce more slowly giving the posts the loving craft that it needs.   I can't take the Hobbes haiku route since my poetry takes even longer to produce.  So I may from time to time just resort to micro-photography.  

Sketching was another avenue I considered but I'm a slow sketcher too. I took this sketch from the San Diego Zoo of koalas sleeping.  I put it in just so I'll go to bed now. Good night- I am totally going to sleep early tonight!  

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