Friday, October 15, 2021

Coffee Drinking PSA for Teaheads

I've been struggling to push off coffee yet again and dear readers, I no longer have the will.  When I last kicked the habit with double strength assams, I perhaps could have stayed clean permanently had I lived alone. Yet I live with another coffee drinker and seeing a loved one constantly and enthusiastically extoll the delicious virtues of coffee every morning makes my abstinence nigh impossible.

It's not that tea vs coffee is some analog to weed vs cocaine. But the higher levels of caffeine combined with the easy delicious taste entices you in such a warm embrace.  I'm a mere mortal buffeted by various whims and desires and I have to utilize my precious and limited will-power on things that are life critical.

I can't seem to resist the bean especially if I have not had proper sleep which is a lot these days.  Why would somebody like me consistently stay up all night for? Well, mostly gaming  but yesterday I tried my hand at choreographing a machinima music dance video.  Making modded characters dance was definitely worth the relapse in coffee.  Enjoy the 3 minutes of pure entertainment!

If you love Skyrim and the Witcher...


  1. Might as well embrace it, yeah? I drink coffee every morning, but only twenty grams of beans. Then I switch to tea in the afternoon, mostly red, some pu. It's the best of both worlds. C

    1. Good morning Christina, I started my day with shu today! I think I have to do something drastic and omit caffeine for a month to reset my system.

      20g? I had to take out my scale and was a bit taken aback. Is that for a single cup? I do about 35 beans and less than 5g and I've been worrying about ramping things up too much.

    2. G'day! Let's see, 20 g of bean at a 16:1 water to bean ratio = about 12 liquid oz of coffee. That's down from about 30g every morning. But give up caffiene? Not this caf-fiend! grin But seriously how do you even brew 5 g of beans? C

    3. I've been thinking about this convo & remembering how much pleasure very weak, tea-like coffee gave me many years ago when I transitioned away from tea. So please excuse my boorish question and enjoy your coffee!

  2. Dear Christina,

    How can I drink such weak coffee you ask? Easy, I'm an old school Korean! Back in the day, Korean coffee at cafe was little more than brown water. I normally brew less than a quarter cup, add the rest with water and oatmilk. Wow, I guess I still have a long way to go before I do become a caf-fiend. And to think I'm having trouble weaning off such weak stuff.
    Happy Thanksgiving to You!