Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tea for a California Roadtrip

 I'm making my way down the California coast, most of it in a Fiat and a little if it on foot as the terrain permits. I haven't fussed too much in the way of tea. It's all indiscriminate grandpa style brewing in a thermos- roasted oolongs, da hong pao, lapsong souchong, and a surprisingly robust bai mu dan.

Even in the height of summer, the Central California beaches are no place for your thong bikini. You can see below the locals here leave little space for out-of-towners to set down their beach towels.  

These snoozing beach goers  are male elephant seals who are mostly quiet during the molting season.  They occasionally trumpet out of their nose but this is nothing of the violent mayhem during the winter rutting season when bloody battles determine who gets to mate an entire harem.

With the blustery wind, I have quadruple layered with a duck down vest and tea is just the beverage to recover your bearings even with suboptimal brewing.

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