Monday, July 08, 2013

Cake Party

I held not a beeng party as the theme of this blog would suggest but a pastry cake party for friends going through various life changes.  I briefly contemplate if I even know enough people to consume a regulation beeng in a single party.

  357g beeng/ 3g tea per person =  119 friends willing to drink puerh at the same time (I think not...)

I'd have to rent out a banquet hall. I guess you could try to serve an entire beeng at a friend's wedding.

While puerh drinking friends are a slim minority,  I have no shortage of friends who want to eat my cake.   These gluten free cakes are from Crixa run by a lovely Hungarian baker in Berkeley and I make up occasions just to share them.  I had a completely inflated idea of how much cake friends can pound down.  

(Don't make fun of my teapot. It's the kind of thing you can use when brewing Darjeeling for such a party.  I was going to use my black widow Wedgwood but you can't see how dark the brew is.  I'm finally going to get rid of both on ebay.)

Last week, because my favorite baker had been on vacation I was forced to resort to my second choice of bakeries for an impromptu Scrabble party. Masse's in Berkely has stiffer and more sugary cakes which often have boob and nipple look.  When enjoying such cakes with friends,  it seems impossible that there could be serious woes in one's life that needs attention.  

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  1. I think your pot is lovely and nothing would brew up tea to go with this party better! It lives for this. Looks delicious!