Thursday, March 07, 2013

Five Enemies of Tea Enjoyment

1. Bad tea
2. Bad water
3. Bad brewing
4. Illness dulling the senses
5. Bad feeling - which could arise from Enemies 1-4 and/or can come from sources external to tea.

Some days a girl can't win and can simultaneously suffer all five enemies of tea enjoyment. I laid down   a white flag tonight and am nursing a hot toddy. I'll just start fresh tomorrow.

I've been contemplating the course of my life wondering what will happen to me in another seven years. Undoubtedly my sheng will be barely aged and dry still. But I have no idea for the rest.

 In Hawaii, I saw these two very different men plying the same trade at two different farmer's markets. The coconut samurai on the left also sold biodegradable crocs on the side at the Pahoa market.  The rather joyless ex-marine on the right was rather carelessly hacking coconut tops at the Hilo Farmer's market. Can any prediction be made about either men?


  1. Aren't some teas easier to enjoy (brew properly)? For me Yunnan black for example, or that purple sheng puerh from Yunnan Sourcing always do the trick...

    1. Dear Hektor,

      There are many teas tolerant to overbrewing but such teas do not provide the thrills one needs from time to time...