Monday, December 24, 2012

Xmas Youle Tea

What better way to relax on Xmas eve than to avoid social responsibilities and ease in with tea.  I brought out the 2004 Jinuoshan Youle sent to me by Jakub of T mostly for the pun but I'm glad I did.  I think I'll officially make Youle teas my Xmas tea from now on.

First brews are enticingly soft in the mouth. This is nothing like my ultra smoky 04 Tailian Youle or most of my other shengs for that matter.  The fruity floral notes are kind of likable and I might be able to convince my girlfriends to drink it.  I've been drinking a lot of oolong lately and have found daily comfort in such approachable teas. I might get a beeng if no one's looking. Happy Holidays!


  1. Good for girlfriends indeed :) It's interesting how a lot of publicly available Youle tea is smoky, while the production of Jinuoshan TF is not (and there is certainly a "taste intersection" between the smoky Youles and non-smoky ones).

    Have I sent you the 2005 Jinuoshan Red Drum? If so, how does it compare to the 2004 version in your opinion?

    Anyway, merry christmas!

  2. A new tea to me. Thanks for the description. Happy New Year!