Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World Tea

I'm not a serious doomer although I constantly prepare for emergencies of all sorts. Even if the world won't be ending exactly tomorrow as misinterpreted by some poor saps who believe in the end of the Mayan Calendar, I thought it would be fun to pick out a tea I would drink if the world really was ending tomorrow.

First- would I be drinking tea if the end was nigh?

Probably.  Copiously.   Will you?

If the world really was ending, I'd definitely drink the last of MarshalN's aged dong ding wulong but I'm still saving that for a special occasion.  I have hundreds of teas but I just want something I know which has made me feel relaxed and happy.  For a few minutes I just can't decide.  I pick out Ira's 1990 7262 of which I think of fondly.  But after half a cup-  it makes me feel really dizzy- a head rush that takes me by surprise.  I was awake at four in the morning today so probably puerh in an exhausted state may not be wise and I must sleep tonight. Tea blue balls- I have to wait until tomorrow.   I guess if the world really was ending, I'd have to take the strongest stuff so I can stay awake until the end- I might even brave coffee.

Haha- I'd never go over to the dark side.  That black brew is not for me even with apocalypse pending. Today I was at a coffee shop trying to pick out some beans for my husband. I know almost nothing about coffee and I don't like to over-exert my selection muscles unnecessarily so I just took one of everything. Blue Bottle is a hipster approved brand and my husband normally "tut tuts" that sort of thing.   I walk past Blue Bottle headquarters every day which is absolutely overflowing with addicts out the door waiting highly unreasonable times to get their cup of single drip coffee. I was curious if the coffee lives up to the hype but I won't get a judgement until tomorrow.

I'm kind of glad the world really isn't ending tomorrow because well- we have still a lot of tea adventures to enjoy. Good night!


  1. Ooh! Blue balls for Blue Bottle.

    1. Israel,

      Are you a coffee drinker? (Gasp...) If you are, I'll send you some Blue Bottle.


    2. Of course not:-) I enjoy a cup every now and again, but I was referring to the hipsters who are lined up en masse to receive their dose. (Not that I'm unable to relate to addictive tendencies)

  2. Now that is an interesting question! For me, Bai Hao oolong or Darjeeling first flush.