Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who's Reading This Blog Anyway

When I dusted off the tea closet in May,  I just wanted to organize my thoughts around what I should do about my 7 year old pu-erh collection.  Then all of the sudden MarshalN put the flashlight on this blog and I was no longer able to hide in obscurity.  I had to start taking it seriously.  The stats tell me this blog has gotten 15,000 hits.   At least 80% of the traffic is from porn fishing spambots, but I have undeniable proof that human eyeballs are behind those numbers as well. Even though only a handful of you comment, the stats tell me I have lurkers in almost every corner of the world.

I hooked up Google Analytics when I started to get serious hits via MarshalN, the Half Dipper and many other blogrolls.  Thank you.  I try my hardest every night to produce something worth your while.   Monday's Magic-Butt Shaping Cushion has put a curse on me and my humor well is nigh dry tonight and so I have to rely on statistics for tonight's post.  The screenshot below is taken from Google Analytics indicating unique visits.

What surprises me most is how global pu-erh interest has become with an active readership in Eastern Europe.

Of course Google Analytics really doesn't tell me the kinds of things I would love to know about you- the reader- so I've constructed a survey below.  Feel free to take it as a public service only and the answers will be anonymously posted soon.  

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  1. I noticed a large orange ball somewhere west of Baykal lake in your map above. Seems like Buryats are great fans of your blog...

    1. Hektor-

      You have a good eye. That city comes up as Krasnoyarsk but these I.P. address to city resolutions are not always accurate and the readers could be within 100 miles of Krasnoyarsk (or maybe greater in the expanse of Siberia). A great many readers in all different cities of the Bay Area just show up as San Francisco or Oakland.


    2. Well, Russia has a long Chinese tea drinking tradition, quite separate from the Western world. If I was a Western pu-erh seller, I would focus a lot on the Russians... Krasnoyarsk is not too far from the Chinese border