Friday, August 31, 2012

Reader Survey Results Part I

Results of the survey are still trickling in but I thought I would post some of the initial surprises.  Many thanks to those who took a few minutes to share in this experiment and those who haven't yet taken the survey are still welcome to do so as I'm still compiling data for Part II.

The first surprise- despite Hobbe's assertion that "97% of you are Western males married to Oriental women", it turns out more readers connection to Asia is a silk bathrobe with an Oriental theme.  (Of course many of you may have checked that box in jest and I'm not there to personally double check your closet. But I have a feeling...)  I've had 50 responders thus far and only 4 identified themselves as being part of the fairer sex.  So women and Asians are definitely the minority here.  

I personally lounge around in my sweet dragon robe when tea blogging.  The gold tassels really do get in the way while I type and is especially cumbersome to my gongfu brewing style.  However nothing else gets me to feel cha qi in a way this robe can.

The responders tend to be serious pu-erh drinkers as a healthy majority engaged in everyday pu drinking.   I think there are many different kinds of tea nerds but the hardcore pu-erh drinkers are the nerdiest of them all. 

But of course daily drinking does not have any correlation to immediate supply.  It's an anonymous survey but I'm curious as anyone to know who the investors are and what they have invested in.   (Feel free to tell us!) 

I'll post rest of the answers over the weekend.  The maximum amount a reader is willing to spend on a new beeng is all over the place from $20 to $300!

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