Saturday, June 23, 2012

Final Update to the Fake 1998 7542

On a shrewd business move on his part,  Jim has updated his listing on the 1998 CNNP 7542 to mention the controversy and include both my discussions:
I completely stand by my assertion that his cake is no older than 2006 in comparison to my numerous dry-aged cakes from the same era.  The said cake is neither old or good.  It's clear if you want to patronize, you have to work hard to sort out duds and still pay a Western vendor premium.  The 2oz sample of this 7542 is $15.88 which can still eat up your precious tea funds just for trying.  In 2006,  I would have had to suck it up and keep on being a puerhshop customer because there were so few vendors who carried decent pu-erh at all.  Seven years later,  I'm happy I can just pass on puerhshop because there is no shortage of good competition from Asian vendors.

There will be no more posts regarding this vendor or crackdowns in general as I want to move onto more wholesome tea doings.  Hopefully there will be a new sheriff in town to sort these types of things out.   While I had great fun deconstructing the "scamdalous" pu-erh inventory of Verdant Tea,  I need to concentrate on finding the vendors who are worth supporting. Thanks for all your support and input.  


  1. Lol, the website update has disappeared and there is no mention anymore... This is really funny.

  2. I had intended to order from Pu'er shop. They had enticed me with being a U.S. vendor with reasonable prices. I typically order from TeaHong, and while their teas are very good I am always down for testing out new vendors. I found a link to your post about that beeng being a fake, which was distressing. A better idea would have been to own up to it quicker, because mistakes do happen. Now I'm wondering if I want to order anything from him! I'd had my eyes on a few younger shu's, different non beeng compressed teas and some other random items. Now I see you link to Verdant Tea being suspicious too. I think I'm going to have to delve your blog for greater wisdom.



    1. Dear Michael,

      Welcome to the tea closet and please take everything with a grain of salt. It's as Emmett advises, MGH pressings are worth trying. If a cake Jim is selling has been vetted by trusted sources, it's probably okay to buy from him. You can think of buying from him as being more trustworthy than a random taobao merchant. Just don't shell out too much for a tea without samples.

  3. I will say that I do still buy some teas from him,
    I think his 2011 mgh productions are pretty good.
    Always sample first from any vendor.

  4. good day guys. not sure the golden suiyue he offers is real stuff..funny thing as he changed his website also recently.. my cousin said character labels are doubtful..