Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Call for Amazing Available Young Shengs

I was going to buy myself a birthday beeng back in February of 2008 but I never did because I simply couldn't make up my mind. But I'm ready now to find that special belated birthday beeng with some help from you.  All this month I have been diligently studying the vast repository of reviews from Hobbes et al. I'm grateful I have so many evenings of fun left but all the hot cakes no longer appear to be available. I think a flashmob appears whenever a tea blogger praises a cake too highly or even moderately.

If you had to buy just one special youngish sheng this year, what would it be?  Don't worry I won't hold you to it. What is that dream cake in your buy list that you are going to reward yourself with?  Or maybe you already have it and it exceeds even your wildest dreams.

What is that thing assaulting your very eyes?!?!   If I had to show you the most "amazing" anything from ebay that surpassed all expectations- it's this massive maple burl we have in the dining room.  (As you may have guessed, I also have a small burl collection. Cough. Cough.)  This burl is a force of nature unto itself providing endless hours of visual enjoyment during meals. And it was way way cheaper than the price of most Xi Zhi Hao cakes.


  1. This spring Lao Man E from Tea Urchin is on my wish list for 2012 sheng http://teaurchin.com/shop-for-tea/puer/lao-man-e-2012-spring.html of course there are many more cakes I want from all the vendors but its probably at the top of my young sheng list. Aged sheng I want the 1992 Fu Lu Shou Xi Xiaguan brick from Lee Hoffman. http://www.thephoenixcollection.com Good luck and Happy belated Birthday. Hopefully there not all gone by the time I can get some.

  2. Following Emmets lead here... for young sheng, I recently purchased a cake each of Tea Urchin's Gua Feng Zhai and Gao Shan Zhai. I fell in love with the former from a sample. The latter was purchased due to the fact that I loved his autumn production from the area. They we're both cakes that I wanted badly, so I feel very honored and happy to own them. I do still really want one of his Birthday Blend cakes made for their recently born son, even if just for the fact that it was such a wonderful idea. And, there still is that Bulang from EoT as well...


    For aged, I really would love to finally purchase a cake of the 70s Tong Qing Hao from Essence Of Tea. I have been cruising that cake online for over a year now. Seriously. They obviously have some other gorgeous cakes, but there is something quite special about that cake. I can't take my eyes off it. ;)

    1. That 70s Tongqing is probably not from the 70s, and is definitely Vietnam tea. Just be aware of what you're buying - there's a reason it's cheaper.

      For a youngish cake, I'd recommend this, although it's not cheap


    2. Ah... I think I remember that it was Vietnamese either from you posting about it, or other. Thanks for the tip on the Chen Guang-He Tang... as that is a very gorgeous looking cake. I greatly appreciate the steer.

  3. BTW, that is a gorgeous bit of burl there in that photo.

  4. hster,




  5. Hi!
    What I had from 2012 did not particularly enthrall me. I'm looking forward to Chawangshop Jingmai though... hope it arrives soon.

    What did enthrall me was the 2010 Hai Lang Hao Chawang, but its price is quite nasty.

    2010 Yibang from Yunnan Sourcing is quite good too, in my opinion.

    And the 2004 Shi Kun Mu Yibang from Chawangshop - not entirely young, not entirely cheap, but damn good.

    1. That 2004 Shi Kun Mu is one Ive had my eye on also, and another one from Chawang I want is 2003 changda hao yiwu zheng shan yuan bing raw-puerh-400g. I have the one from puerhshop 2003 Yiwu Zhengshan Old Tree Round Tea Cake I think its supposed to be the same cake there is a slight difference on the wrapper but we wont get into that. Anyway I like this one but no longer available so I want to try the one from Chawang.

  6. I had just few 2012 samples but this one is definetely worth to try http://www.chawangshop.com/index.php/pu-erh-tea/puerh-tea-factories/chawang-exclusive-products/2012-chawangpu-jingmai-gu-shu-xiao-bing-cha-200g.html I am just wondering if with this year prices of fresh, and somehow premium cakes, I am not going for already ten year cakes for of the same price. From the same vendor I recently enjoyed this one http://www.chawangshop.com/index.php/pu-erh-tea/aged-puerh/2002-yibang-cha-wang-yuan-cha-raw-puerh-cake-400g.html