Sunday, July 23, 2017

Drinking Oolong Whilst Reading about Coffee

Recently I've been trying hard to return to India black teas in the morning and it feels all wrong- way way too wimpy.  Had I really relied on this weak brown water for decades to start my day? I regret boarding the coffee train only for the way my old drugs have lost their powers.  But I am baselessly confident this coffee fling will blow over by end of summer and I'll be happily slugging hong cha by the gallon come winter.

The one tea which still solidly holds it's own is oolong.  After dinner, I often brew up an oolong to share with my husband.  They behold a delicious succulent loveliness that has no comparison to coffee and can do respectable double duty as dessert.

I've been drinking my way through a box from Taiwan Sourcing last year-  I had to replenish the home supply last week.  This here box of oolongs is my only serious tea purchase this year.  Their small curated inventory tends to be much above average with some fantastic gems. I chose the 2016 bug bitten honey aroma oolong last year as my gift tea selection- the honey aroma is almost too decadent.  Most importantly, their oolongs have been gently agreeable to the body which makes me wonder why I've ever been game to take on combative stomach kickers.   Just like California living, oolongs make you soft but I no longer mind.


  1. Coffee, tea, it's all good. :) Dear writer, many days I cannot take the tea I love for one reason or another but I enjoy the fermentation and aging aspects of tea just as much. For me, this part is as intriguing as drinking the stuff, and many teas of course are just not friendly in this state. But I would be curious how your teas are coming along, if you ever feel inclined to post some updates. I've read even the official taster at Taetea is a taste-n-spit guy. ;)

  2. Dear Cwyn,

    The teas are not aging significantly here- no news means more of the same. I even had an outbreak of mold and humidity in my house from El Nino season but the teas did not budge.


    1. Cheers for strong and hardy teas!