Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Random Tea Confessions

Ever since Hobbes bravely came out of the closet as a hongcha drinker and a band camp attendee,  I thought I would entertain you dear reader with some confessions of my own. 

1. My husband makes me a milky mug of Darjeeling every morning before I head out to work. Even though I swill copious amounts of hongcha(most of it bagged)  I mentally don't count it as tea just as medieval drinkers did not count ale or cider as alcohol.

2. I buy lottery tickets because I totally want to mega-splurge on five-figure teas.

3. My friends think I'm super busy and that's why I'm such a social deadbeat. Sometimes I spend hours zoning out deciding which tea to brew and then most of the day brewing.
4. I've become delinquent on taxes because the bill was lost under a pile of Kunming Post boxes.  

5. I like to fondle and sniff my young shengs at night.  Shu inspection however belongs in the safety of daylight.

6. I was rather put out when Celestial Seasonings discontinued Almond Sunset. I haven't drunk it since college but I just liked looking at the picnic scene on the box at the grocery store.

7. I've come to the realization that puerh fails to yield satisfactorily to a rational empirical approach not because there are too many dynamic variables with some of them unknown but because the principal instruments involved, my tastebuds, are unreliable and unpredictable.  

8.  I break out into a special wiggly dance when a tea is really good.

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  1. I do a 'happy' wiggly dance when a tea is good too! I get really excited about it!