Thursday, December 25, 2014

KDrama Puerh

Somehow over the holidays I got sucked into the black hole which is Korean drama.  I don't own a television not due to any sense of superior virtue but because I know I lack self control.  In this dangerous age of VOD, you can find yourself binge watching on a tablet until wee hours in the morning when the right drama catches your fancy.  Imagine my surprise to see puerh being part of the plot.

The actor below is a crooked head of a baking conglomerate calmly enjoying the puerh he won at an auction as his daughter-in-law is being arrested after he carefully framed her for fraud.   The character mentions the excellent tea fragrance so it's definitely not a shu nor a wet stored wonder.  I have to ding the set designers for not brewing real tea leaves as it looked more like herbal dried citron tea than aged sheng.

This MBS drama- the Legendary Witch- is a twisted tale of four women sharing a room in prison who end up starting a bakery together.  When you get a mention on a major network kdrama, it means you've made it big in Korea.  My mother tells me that puerh is considered a premium tea in Korea and has made a showing on other dramas being served to powerful men.  Maybe there will finally be a tea based drama.

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