Monday, September 15, 2014

Brick Under a USB Microscope

Although I ordered this digital microscope on Ebay only last Saturday, it arrived today due to the joys of inter-California commerce.  I was able to get a slightly better image of what looks a fruiting head on my moldy 7581. This magnification is about as good as it gets- it was advertised as 500x but I am dubious.  But for $60, I won't complain.  I guess I can give an impromptu dental or dermatological exam in a pinch. Actually the kit comes with some suggestive plastic attachment probes.

Even with inadequate resolution, you can see that the heads are not very symmetrical like the pom-pom like images of other aspergillus.  Also the head is too dense and not conical shaped enough to be penicillium which has more like a fennel seed head.  I looked up the mold images and consolidated them in one page so I can devote serious study to them all weekend:

Yesterday while searching for tea mold images, I saw pictures of these shus with "noble mold" from
This "noble mold" looks greyish rather than white, more frosty than furry.  I need to find a tea-loving microbiologist on craigslist to get to the bottom of this mystery.   It's all fun and games until I have to throw a brick out.

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