Friday, May 30, 2014

Gross Shu Giveaway

( note: A lovely lady has claimed these bricks.)

What am I even doing with such budget shu?   I originally had a value shu experiment in mind but since I drink so little puerh these days, I'm trying to downsize a little at a time.
If for whatever reason you like cheap shu(I don't judge),  it's all yours.  Actually the 2007 Tianpin is not bad. The 2008 63 6FTM brick  is not opened and probably isn't gross. Both are even sold out at   I've had some shockingly atrocious spit-out shu from one vendor that probably cost 10 times as much. The 2005 CNNP brick tastes decently woody but gives me the same heartburn that sheng does these days. If I'm going to get heartburn, I'm going to drink sheng.

Why don't I gift these to a friend? It's like giving a Hershey chocolate bar to a friend. I can't do that. 

It's been such tough going for the last year and a half. Without tea to drown my sorrows, I have only but the raw landscape to provide some solace. Only last month the green tufts of grass made me forget about the California drought but it's quickly dried to a golden brown.

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