Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who Killed My Kamjove

A mere two days before the 6 month manufacturer's warranty ended, my Kamjove decided to join the mountain of broken cheap Chinese made electronic goods. Who knows how many millions of disposable broken Kamjoves litter the waste dumps of this world. 

Although the light goes on, the teapot refuses to heat.  All the wires and connections appeared to be fine. The heating coil had probably burnt out. I had smelled a slight burning odor prior to the malfunction. I guess I should be grateful it didn't burn the office down.

Instead of writing to the original web vendor , I just put it in it's original box with a note "BROKEN..." on the side walk in case someone else can fix it.  Someone took it away within hours.  I was just too demoralized to demand a refund or an exchange and plus I never want to buy a Kamjove ever again.   

This is about the last straw in my work tea drinking. My Hario Buono still makes terrible water. I need to send away for yet another replacement but the available new options look unpromising.

I just went for vintage and found this Japanese ceramic kettle on eBay.   The copper tea cozy has a weird white lining. I hope it's not abestos. I guess we'll see if vintage is the way to go.


  1. Inductors don't have heating coils! It's probably just a short in the interior of the inductor itself. I bet your mysterious buddy, who has taken it, has it working already. :)



  2. Dear Hobbes,

    How do you fix such a short? I thought also one of the box components might have blown and needed replacing. The thought it will have some sort of useful life is cheering. But still it really is a poor show to give out in 6 months!


  3. Hm, Kamjoves are obviously a suicidal sort of kettles...

    Btw., are you planning writing about China Chadao's samples?

    1. Dear Jakub,

      I'm saving the samples to try together with Ira but this September just filled up an anniversary, a wedding, a sewer lateral needing replacement, husband starting school.... So hopefully October is the month for tea.

      Wishing you the best in Oxfordshire,