Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Double Deliciousness

Purpose of my short life on earth is to share something delicious every day. Today I was lucky to have two absolutely delicious meals.  Tempura uni - what a brilliant idea! The uni is very fresh and not just a clever way to get rid of oozing old uni. I didn't have to share this deep fried treasure as my dear husband leaves all uni to me.

This excellent sushi dinner was at Kiku- my neighborhood sushi joint. My favorite is hotate or scallop. If there is any better, I don't want to know. So sweet and moist, there's no point in cooked scallops for me, not even deep fry in duck fat.

For lunch I had my usual blood 'n pork soup. I've been eating this soup at the same Vietnamese noodle shop in Oakland Chinatown for 10 years. But today I got it without noodles, just bean sprouts.  I've been trying all year and finally, it's not psychologically hard to forgo rice and noodles. Even five years ago- the idea of giving up rice would have been crazy talk. But now I can enjoy deliciousness undiluted with starches.

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