Monday, April 22, 2013

Life without Tea.. Almost

It's terrible. It's as if my qi has been unblocked in the past six days without tea. I zip along early morning smiling even. I used to grumble at those overly perky morning people of superior virtue- so called "morning larks".

Now that I have time to make a proper breakfast, I've been poaching oysters and eggs in almond milk. Nothing makes you feel more luxurious and decadent than eating oysters for breakfast then finishing off with a dessert.

It's not as if tea was like alcohol or heroin eating away at my life. But completely unexpected, I've experienced surprising multiple improvements in the last few days with all this extra energy-
  • I've finally mastered fluffly maple syrup-based macaroons.  
  • I made serious progress in creating a chewy texture with tapioca/coconut/almond flour in a gluten free olive-oil orange cake. 
  • I created a new system to organize my husband's t-shirt trunk. 
  • After months of trying, I finally improved my sprinting speed today.
  • I cleaned the kitchen numerous times efficiently without pending threat of house guests. 
  • I returned my library books on time. 
But I really miss tea drinking so today I brewed up some white peony in the morning sent to me by Wilson.  My life did not relapse back into sloth. I'll probably tire of such virtuous living and go back to tea drinking next month. Oh no! It's past ten- my new bedtime now. Good night!


  1. If a tea hiatus might inspire me to fold all of my t-shirts and make oysters for breakfast, perhaps I should leave the land of vice for a bit. Keep on the sunny side, Hster!

  2. Do you have all your t-shirts in a jumble Israel? If you don't mind a few wrinkles and don't care about selection, that is the most efficient system for storage.

    I can't guarantee similar results but life needs constant revitalization with little experiments in change.


  3. My t-shirt sitch' is terrible. I have them all in a milk crate in the closet. Every four or five months I go in and fold them neatly and things are nice and tidy for a few weeks. I think I have too many because the pile gets unruly so quickly. Always wrinkled.

    Speaking of change, I recently started drinking tea rather than booze when I get off work. It's a no-brainer, but I'm much more productive and content in the evenings since switching that up.

    I hope your experiment continues to be enlightening.