Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reboiling Water with a Kamjove

This teapot arrived from birdpick.com on Monday and it only took one wash with detergent and two boils to produce perfectly acceptable water for delicate tea.  I brewed up a floral oolong from a Taiwanese neighbor and the result was as floral as ever.  Although this teapot is a bit chintzy and offends my sensibilities,  I'm utterly grateful not to have any off taste in the resulting water.  

I had vague notions that reboiling water makes for flatter tasting water and hence less tasty tea and so I purposely got the smallest 3 cup model.   The arguments against reboiling appear to hinge around decreased oxygenation levels.  I have not comprehensively and objectively confirmed this prejudice but a simple casual experiment with this Kamjove would indicate that reboiling does not appear to significantly impact my taste of a tea or the underlying water.
As a safety feature to prevent water from boiling when empty, the base has three little pins that push down when the teapot is sufficiently heavy to trigger a boil. But even when the teapot is half full, it's fits a bit wobbly and I have to manually hold it down to get it to boil. It's not my dream kettle but it will do. Also it is very quiet compared to the jet engines of the Hario Buono. I really wonder how long this contraption can last.  At $37, I guess even yearly replacement should not injure the wallet too much although I would much rather invest in a long lasting deluxe kettle.


  1. I find those kettles rather cheap and more for presentation than quality. If your drinking alot of tea a Zojirushi Water boiler is a much higher quality product.

    1. I've seen friends using Zojirushi's but those models always have lots of plastic parts which touch the water. I have a broken Zojirushi rice cooker- I think their quality unfortunately has slid down much in the last decade.

  2. Zoji's fatal problem is that pouring from it is a hazard to yourself, if you're pouring it directly into a pot or a gaiwan. Kamjove is the way to go. If it breaks buy a new one - they are cheap.