Sunday, August 04, 2013

Craftsman and Wolves

One of my favorite food podcasts is BBC's Food Programme and the recent episode on frugal eating struck a cord in me. The host Sheila Dillon covered bloggers who through various misfortunes were forced to scrape by on public assistance but found creative ways to eat better and share generously through their writings.  I've been enjoying the wit of the skint foodie and learning about spatchcocking. But after listening to the BBC podcast, my current food habits seemed shamefully profligate to me and I should do something about it.

Just like a medieval monk, eating and imbibing are the two principal pleasures in my life. The thought of any self-induced deprivation fills me with equal parts woe and determination.  It's not about denying yourself all the time but limiting yourself so you really do appreciate the special occasion treats.  The idea to eat simpler has great appeal to me as I've been grossly overdoing the bakery rounds.

Before I attempt a month of August austerity, I just wanted one last hurrah (or two). As my husband is away up the mountains, I went for dim sum with friends and then ran off in search of desserts. I had been meaning to give Craftsman and Wolves in the Mission district a go. I'd avoided them precisely because their best specialties are flour based. Despite grumpy yelp reviews and the fact they were all out of their signature Rebel Within- a savory muffin with a soft cooked egg inside, I was pleasantly impressed by the alternative twist they've put on the two selections I had.  

This button sized raspberry puff was filled with fresh raspberries inside. It was by far the loveliest raspberry pastry I've encountered.  The Devil- a chocolate mini-cake which used to have fois gras inside before the California ban now only holds the toffee ganache is still an interesting salty sweet combination. The Devil is a strangely meaty tasting treat. Even though the flour bothered me all day, it was worth it.  A total of $11.50, these are steep prices to be sure.

Last week I was hypnotized by this meringue cream puff concoction in the display case where I got a friend's birthday cake. It was not worth it.  But such follies have come to an end this month.

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  1. Too much attitude and $$ for poor people like me.
    Sweet Adeline makes a rather good flourless chocolate cake, I recently discovered: $3.50 a slice.