Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Tea

Whew. That was a close one! The horror of being represented by the likes of Romney and his doubly dubious sidekick has safely passed.      I'm cheered up when there is some proof that more money can't always buy power.  Politics is still a dirty business for both sides in the U.S. but truly atrocious things have happened when Republicans have their way.

This morning as I was running out of the house to go to the voting booth, I noticed that my husband had his mug of coffee so I ran back inside to grab my own mug of tea to keep me company in the voting line.  As I was rushing about- the only to-go tea I had out on the counter was unfortunately the Mighty Leaves Tea Conference Oolong good for exactly just one brew.  We vote in a church basement and there's plenty of round tables where you scribble out your vote. I actually never thought of having tea while voting but now I'll have to pre-plan it next year.   There's a lot to vote on as a Californian. I was concentrating so hard that I actually don't remember anything except the welcome novelty of drinking tea while voting. 

And yes that mug is a hard-hitting Fisticup adding knuckle action to any drinking experience.


  1. Hi,
    yeah, I came to the PC at 8am and saw that Obama won. That was a big uffffff moment - sounds like there won't be any major war in the next four years.

    P.S. When people here are obsessed with how Russia is bad (some say that even about China), I always think how the percentage of people in the US voting for Republicans is much more scary. Sometimes it's like if Hitler came back from his grave and said, "howya, I'm back, I've not changed, who wants to vote for me?"

  2. The conference oolong becomes the voter's oolong, or the Obama oolong. Better than Romney raw or Paul pu-R...

    1. Hektor-

      After every election, the businesses here always take advantage of political marketing and there is invariably the "Obama Special" at cafe's which most often has some sort of pineapple element. I think tea shops can could offer a Obamoolong.